Measuring engagement

The viu engagement platform gives you direct control over your customers' experience. Our unique tool helps build your customer relationships, increasing profitability by maximising advocacy.

viu Engagement Score (vES)

The commercial value of your customer base is best measured through their level of engagement, as it is this that drives interaction and transaction.

viu measures four key aspects of your firm's ability to engage with your customers so that you can effortlessly measure customer journeys and experiences.

ves chart
Feel Valued
How valued you feel as a customer.
Your sense of a good ongoing relationship/interaction.
Familiarity with you and your relationship history.
Easy to Deal with
How easy it is to deal with the firm.

Greater engagement leads to greater interaction and this in turn leads to greater transaction.


Surveys are a commonly accepted way for firms to attain performance metrics and trend analysis – they’re a key operational component.

But they’re difficult to structure correctly and data is easily skewed, so that businesses are generally faced with two choices - long, protracted and uninviting surveys or basing key decisions against vague indications.

viu has analysed hundreds of business surveys and common to them all are four core strengths.

Your ability to communicate clearly with your customers, with clear explanations and a pro-active approach to information sharing and updating.
Your ability to react quickly to customer contact, to be pro-active with your communications and ensure content matches requirements.
A reflection of the personality and culture of your firm, your capacity for empathy and understanding, how you present yourself and the warmth you convey.
The standard of your products, services and outputs, the quality of advice, your professionalism and the knowledge/capabilities demonstrated.

We’ve done the hard work for you and have built a composite of the most commonly asked survey questions for you to choose from (or add to). And because every question sits within one of these four key strengths, viu enables you to draw direct internal benchmark comparisons even between two unrelated internal disciplines.

Where available we can also offer you benchmark comparisons against an industry average for your sector.

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