What our customers say

Sharon profile
Sharon Straughan
Risk and Compliance Director

"Working In partnership with Viu Systems we launched our new customer feedback system a few months ago.

Viu's innovative approach to gathering customer feedback has proven to be immensely successful, enabling us to collect ten times more feedback than our previous methods, and we are still confident we can increase on this further.

The insights we gain are fueling our continuous improvement program, enabling us to quickly identify and implement swift changes to address customer concerns.

Howard Elven profile
Howard Ormesher
Group CRM Director

"With such a strong focus on customer service we’ve been using the viu engagement platform for over a decade and it has become an integral aspect of our customer experience strategy.

It enables us to capture and share customer sentiment directly with our affiliate network for a completely joined up approach and is instrumental in developing and improving our long-term customer relationships."