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viu is an automated customer engagement platform that helps you get closer to your customers, solving the problem of knowing what they think and building personalised experiences for longer lasting, more profitable relationships.

Measure sentiment across the whole customer journey

viu helps you engage your customers through feedback, by focussing on what they want to say and assessing sentiment at every point of the customer journey, for a complete end to end appraisal. This uniquely captures and combines customer sentiment and essential KPI performance metrics into a single platform, for unrivalled business insights.

Empower your team

viu distributes customer feedback across the breadth of your business to the team members that managed the original customer interaction – so there’s no need for any new processes.

Online support videos give users practical assistance to manage customer feedback to best possible outcomes and because viu is intuitive and uses everyday familiar processes there’s no need for costly and disruptive training sessions.

Easily Manage Sentiment at Scale

The platform provides you with management tools to help you resolve customer concerns and share intelligence across your firm, for a rapid and consistent resolution that delights your customers.

Rich data dashboards give your management team a real-time view of the customer experience throughout the business.

Smart Listening

viu uses the corporate reputation metric NPS to identify which customers are promoters, (loyal and engaged), detractors, (whose most recent experience has been negative) and passives (who are merely ok) – as a way to define next actions and future marketing communications.

But that’s not all, viu goes beyond reputation metrics to understand the level of engagement your customer has with you. Measuring factors such as familiarity, easy to deal with, feeling valued and overall rapport will pinpoint individual actions that lead to longer more productive relationships.

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Effective Benchmarking

viu has done the hard work for you, analysing hundreds of business surveys to identify the four most common business strengths: Transparency, Responsiveness, Approach and Quality to give you a composite of interchangeable, most frequently asked survey questions to build on.

Our TRAQ survey system is super flexible, easy to understand and allows you to benchmark every area of your business with the same methodology and offers direct comparisons to industry averages.

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Measure sentiment

viu integrates with many proprietary CRM systems and offers capability for all others making data exchange seamless. viu’s open API means engagement and business data can be coupled and exported so that customer engagement data can power your systems.

viu is agile and self-configures to your business profile as you use it, moulding itself to your business structure perfectly, which means that viu can be implemented within an hour of API integration.

The most powerful experience you can give your customer is to listen. Using viu is a powerful statement of your firms’ commitment to listening and delivering great customer experiences.

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